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About Us

Saocompany is an “all-in-one” company run by multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer, Carlos Sanchez, who is dedicated to providing quality musical services to the public. Because of Sanchez’s ability to excel in so many areas of music, he wants to not only spit out #1 hits for himself but also share his talents with the world.

Saocompany specializes in working with all genres of music. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Musical arranging
  • Lyric composition
  • Song-building
  • Music production
  • Jingle composition
  • Live performances for any event OR occasion
  • Musical Instruction

Saocompany specializes in live performances. If you have an upcoming event that is going to need live music, you can decide to utilize Carlos Sanchez and his amazing 7-piece urban salsa concept to spice up your social occasion. For those of you ready to tie the knot, Saocompany will provide the music for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.  Whether your needs are original and avante-guard, OR require a specific level of class, Saocompany will get you exactly what you want for your event regardless of what your musical desires are. All you have to do is ask.


Saocompany makes Jingles. A good product should always be accompanied by a great Jingle. Don’t miss out. Call us and let us show you what we can do.


For those interested in learning the art of music performance and execution, Saocompany will provide you with an instructor for any instrument you wish to learn how to play. Remember your voice is an instrument too. This is one of the most important aspects of Saocompany because today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals. Even though music can be created electronically or acoustically, playing an instrument is one of the most ancient art forms known to mankind that puts us in tune with the most primordial of feelings and is a reaffirmation of life’s most beautiful reality…humanity.

Music Works


Arrangements  by Carlos Sanchez


Saocompany responsible for the musical composition and performance and that these songs are here only for demonstration purposes.

Lesson Pricing

In all honesty, what you learn is up to you.  I can post a curriculum up on this site with words like, figured bass, solfège, and names like Bastien and Arban but it isn’t everyone’s goal to make music their true vocation. For this reason, everyone’s experience will be a little different. Ultimately, Saocompany emphasizes on performance, technique, reading, ear training, and improvisation even though a lot more will be introduced and to the student.

Rates at Instructor’s Studio

30 minutes= $30

45 minutes= $40

60 minutes= $50


Rates at your location (San Diego County)

30 minutes= $40

45 minutes= $50

60 minutes= $60

Recommended Lesson lengths based on age

Ages 05-11:  30 minutes

Ages 12 and up:  45 or 60 minutes

These recommended lesson lengths were concluded based on past experiences with other students. All students are entitled to choose any of the 3 lesson lengths regardless of their age.

For those of you who live outside San Diego County and are interested in taking lessons, Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail SaoCompany for your own customized rate.

All other services provided by Saocompany will have varying costs and rates depending on the type/location of project or event you are trying to accomplish.


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4656 Bancroft St. apt A San Diego, CA 92116

Phone #: 407-455-1586

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Our Team

Carlos Sanchez – Owner


Praised for his “intense trumpet presence,” Carlos Sanchez has distinguished himself not only as an influential trumpet player, but a vocalist, arranger, and composer. Born in Gainesville, Florida yet raised in Ocala, Carlos’ family included people who sang, played the flute, percussion and trumpet so it was clear to everyone around him that he would spread their musical talent.

Although Sanchez was influenced greatly by his father who is also a multi-instrumentalist, at the tender age of three, Carlos saw a performance video with Ray Barreto and Tito Puente and it marked the beginning of his quest to becoming a performer. The showmanship and multiple talents that Tito Puente had to offer his audience stunned the young musician. It is no surprise then that at eight years of age, Carlos would be performing on stage in Sabado Gigante in Univision Studios in Miami.

In 2004, Carlos Sanchez left his native Florida to study music in Puerto Rico. He would earn a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies with emphasis in Caribbean Music at Conservatorio de Musica de Puerto Rico. He learned to play the trumpet, piano, timbales, congas, bongo and began to sing and arrange/compose his own music.

Throughout his musical journey upon earning his Bachelor’s Degree in the island, Carlos has shared the stage with many influential and legendary performers such as Tito Puente (known as “The King of Latin Music”), Cheo Feliciano (salsa singer/composer), Frankie Ruiz and Lalo Rodriguez (salsa singers), Marc Anthony, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Giovanni Hidalgo (Latin Jazz Percussionist), Miguel Zenon, among others.

Carlos Sanchez has just completed his much anticipated album by his followers and will debut in the spring of 2013. His album, “First Intent” is the perfect blend of Urban Salsa with disco, funk, R&B and hip-­‐hop influences that is sure to become an instant hit worldwide. All music is arranged and composed by the innovative and multi-­‐ talented singer/musician himself.

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